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Beautiful laser-cut steel screens that can be used in a seemingly endless number of applications. 

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Our Designs

We have a range of unique designs in our portfolio to cater for a variety of tastes, desired uses and potential locations and settings.

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Now available in the United States.

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Use Our Laser-cut Decorative Metal Screens to Spruce-up Any Space

We specialize in beautiful laser-cut metal screens that can be used in a huge number of ways - indoors or outdoors, in homes, public spaces or for commercial applications.


Our premium-quality decorative steel screens come in a variety of different designs, and are pre-rusted to a desired level and then coated with a sealant to lock in their unique beauty.

There are so many different applications for our screens that your imagination is really the limit. These are just some of the possible uses:


Decorative screens

Light boxesIndoor & outdoor features

Privacy screening

GatesAs a unique tabletop or benchtop
Garden screensBalustradesRoom dividers
Landscaping screensWall artPool surrounds
Decorative fencingPergola covers and sidesLattice replacement

We bring to you a wide range of metal accessories carved out of these laser-crafted metal screens that will substantially enhance your living space. From geometric designs to organic patterns, these awe-inspiring designs will capture the imagination of all. Our advanced technology, coupled with years of experience, makes our products durable and lasting.

Customer Satisfaction is at our Heart of Operations

The enthusiastic professionals at Be Metal Be strive to create products that are long-lasting, efficient, beautiful and affordable. We are confident that you will not find a product of comparable quality at such an affordable price. Our products are ideal for wide a range of uses, including BBQ areas, public art installations, pools, spas, courtyards, and so much more.